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The master principle of the Montessori Method can be summed up as education through self-activity in a structured environment. This is structured by the provision and recognition of three core elements: 
The specially prepared environment. 
The liberty of the child to interact with the environment. 
A skilled trained adult (known as a Directress) who acts as a link between the child and the environment. 

Montessori Philosophy 

Montessori focuses on your child realising their potential by mastering their own environment and learning that education is a pleasurable and rewarding process of life that never stops. This can be experienced independently or shared with others. Montessori carefully takes into consideration the child’s whole self, both physically and emotionally. 
Every child is a born explorer. As children grow they are incessantly curious and engaged in exploring, experimenting, discovering, rearranging, opening, collecting, and comparing. These little scientists are constantly and wonderfully inquisitive about everything. 
To children, every passage is a secret passage, every walk a voyage of discovery - every day. The Montessori child develops as an individual, with the school recognising that skills are gained at different rates by different children and tailoring the pace, style and depth of learning accordingly. 
The early years are of the utmost importance in developing a child's character for their future. Montessori provides a truly solid foundation from which your child will benefit now and throughout the rest of their lives. 
Montessori embraces children's needs whilst they continually strive for independence. By increasing their range of skills, a Montessori child develops into a self confident, independent and respectful whole person. Sharing and caring for their environment and behavioural etiquette are fundamental to the Montessori child.