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Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Montessori? 
The Montessori teaching method is characterised by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. For more information about Montessori and its facets, please see our Montessori Philosophy page. 
When can my child start? 
As stated on our admissions page, we can take new children at any time during the school year. We only take children from age 2 years upwards. 
What is the settling in process like for new children? 
We provide one-to-one attention with new children for their first few sessions with us to ensure they feel secure and comforted. We understand that every child is different and invite parents to stay with their child for a few initial minutes when coming into school depending on how quickly the child finds their feet! 
Does my child have to be toilet trained? 
No. We happily change children, be it in nappies or in pull-ups, and help with the potty training process wherever we can. 
What if my child has dietary needs or allergies? 
We cater to all dietary needs whether they be for medical or cultural reasons. We can provide special meals for children with dietary needs and plan our lunch menus accordingly. Alternatively there is always the option of a packed lunch. 
How do you monitor a child's progress? 
Every child is allocated a key-worker who keeps a school record folder displaying dated evidence of a child's work and keeps track of what stages they are at. Parents are free to come into school and discuss a child's progress as well as regularly take their record home to look through. 
What is the staff to child ratio? 
Our ratio is always 1:5 or better. 
What extra curricular activities do you provide? 
On Thursdays we hold 'Scrumy's' Mini Rugby sessions in our school playground (or indoors if it is raining!) We also offer Musical Movement classes with 'Kiddleydivey' on Tuesdays. Cookery and baking lessons also provide a welcome addition to the weekly activities. 
What primary schools do your children go on to attend? 
We have very strong established links with many local primary and independent schools in the area. These include Winkfield St. Mary's, Lambrook, Whitegrove, Cranbourne, Ascot Heath, LVS, Cheapside and The Royal School.